Monday, September 04, 2006

Of lawsuits and neti pots.

here's the update. We've had several people (attorney, insurance agent)tell us that they think our landlord may be right--she is not liable for our ceiling crashing down, since there was no sign anything was wrong beforehand. The attorney said it would be a toss-up in court. (Not that we were planning to go to court.)

In other news, our things, once cleaned up, were not as badly damaged as we first thought! So we're cutting our losses and not going to claim our renter's ins. Our ceiling has been fixed, and we just got back in the apartment. Planning on moving out at the end of the month. Till then, we're going to buy an air purifier and use the neti pot a lot. :)

so glad to hear that the damages aren't as bad as you thought! the neti pot sounds uncomfortable as i have issues with water up my nose, but in theory it sounds great.
So glad you are using the will be addicted soon, once you get the hang of it, it is the most wonderful feeling.
loving it! m. is using it, too.
Wedding Girl, I am with you--I have major issues with putting stuff up my nose. My husband always tells me to use saline spray when I get a cold, but I just can't do it.

Sweetpea, I too am so glad that your stuff was not as damaged as it first appeared. what a relief!!
I hope you are not sharing the same neti...

And I'm glad your stuff was not as damaged as orginally thought...I'm still so sad this has happened, and sad that you are moving.
They are right, she is not liable for your belongings. She does have to pay to fix the ceiling. If the upstairs is owned by someone else and it was in fact due to water damage, then their insurance would pay for your stuff. So sorry to hear about it, but glad that not too much of your stuff was ruined and that you and the dogs are safe.
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