Thursday, September 28, 2006


my little friends are gone. it all started when we thought we were going to move(another story--we're not moving--it's good) anyway, most apartments demand at least 300.00 for both dogs as a non-refundable deposit. realizing we've already spent double that on various pet deposits, we decided that care for our little companions was becoming a little beyond our budget. we're teachers, guys. we save up to go to the dentist. it just so happens that the sweet family we got them from was really missing them (i could tell) so i asked if they might be interested in taking them in.....they had given them to us several years ago b/c their children were really too young to know how hold/play with these fragile guys. the family was super excited and took them back.....we didn't end up moving, but we hope to have a family sometime in the relatively near future, and these dogs really aren't young- child-friendly....we are all happy with the situation, but you know, i MISS those silly little dogs.

Now that we're home, we've missed our sweet puppies, too. (We gave them away when we realized how often we'd be living in the hospital).

It's a small hairline heart-fracture in the overall scheme of things, but ...oh. Soft friends. . .
Oh, Sweet Sweetpea! i am so sad for you.

I hope that very soon you will be blessed with the pitter patter of other little ones running through your house so you won't miss these little guys so very much, but in the meantime I wish you many moments of joy found in memories with your sweet little doggies.
I'll miss giz and tiny too. They are sweet doggys.

I'm sad that giz never got another chance to show his stuff at the Chihuahua races.
oh so sad!!!!
i bet all the girls are excited.....but, sad for you.
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