Friday, September 08, 2006


we feel our hearts drawn toward adoption......wondering when, wanting it to be sooner rather than later.

international? then again----there are so many children here stuck in the foster system. what can we handle? what is wise?

praying alot and seeking counsel.....please pray for us.

I have some ideas for you : ).....
wow! so exciting!! will be praying...
I agree, WOW! That's big.

I will pray for you and your hubby as you continue to seek God's heart for you guys in this.
how exciting!!!!! definitely would love to hear more of your thoughts on this......
be praying for you...
foster care was so strong in my heart for awhile. there are so many kiddos out there in need of a GOOD solid home... having kids already though - we had to realize that we have to take care of them first. these kids are hurting and many have been abused and turn that back around. (there are a number of foster kids in th5's dance class/ soccer/ etc...) pat and i would love to adopt one day. so happy to see other couples doing it now and thinking about it... keep us posted!
This is an interesting comment from a friend's friend's blog (boring blog, so no link for you) - the friend and the commenter had tried to adopt. It's sort of negative, but also, I thought very revealing, especially the last line.

"In order to appreciate the adoption process it may be something that has to be lived through. I had never before really thought about the personal reflections and pain that lies on both sides of the process. The adoptive parents at some point must feel like they are sitting on the shelf with other couples trying to catch the attention of the birth parent or agency by jumping up and down hollering "choose me", "choose me". The birth mother knows that she is making a decision that will determine the path of her child's life. What a heart rending situation for everyone involved! And from this comes a beautiful family with its own unique attributes. Adopting is similar to giving birth only with a different type and duration of labor pains.
thanks guys! yes, i know lizard could tell you about the labour pains of international adoption......i have heard other friends explain it that way, too. there is definitely a (usually) loooong pregnancy phase....
International adoption is like being pregnant while on a rollercoaster!!
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