Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Well, Hello, Rafters!

Yesterday I was puttering around the house, paying bills on the couch, exercizing on the elliptical, doing a bit of laundry. Around 3 o'clock I left the apt. to switch some laundry over to the dryer. I was gone quite literally about 2 minutes. When I walked in, here's what I saw. Our entire, and I do mean entire ceiling had fallen into the living room. Nasty OLD fiberglass insulation and huge pieces of heavy sheetrock covering everything. My lamps were on, as was the TV. I backed out and ran out, trying to find our landlady, thinking she was onsite. Then I realized the dogs were still in the apt.....ran back in and found them three feet away from the living room, still asleep.....couldn't get to their leashes so I ran around the grounds with a chihuahua under each arm and a cell phone under my chin.....there is no clear leak, no water, nothing's wet. Sheetrock pulled out completely from the rafters, nails and all. We had a contractor friend come look at it last nite, also consulted with an attorney friend. I will meet with our landlady this afternoon. Please, please pray that she will agree to have the place tested for asbestos, airducts cleaned, other ceilings which seem questionable (there's at least one) and our damaged things replaced. Otherwise, we may be saying goodbye to our place. We've been here for 2 months.

Praise God a few hundred pounds of sheetrock didn't fall on my head!!! We're pretty excited about this.

WOW! Praise God no one got hurt. Praying for a swift and just resolution!
I am so sorry that happened to you. Very scary. Just very thankful that you left the house when you did. Did you hear any noise in the ceiling before you walked out the door? I cannot imagine what it felt like to walk in and find your home like that. As you older sis in law...I think you should MOVE OUT FAST! Sure hope and pray they take care of everything. Love you my friend!
Unbelievable sweetpea!! SO is this your Self-portrait for today??
I'm so glad you weren't there! I agree - move out!!!
Oh WOW!!! I can't believe that! Praise the Lord for laundry.....:)

Hoping things get resolved quickly and smoothly for you both!
DANG!!! That is amazing! When I first saw the pics I thought, "who would pull their ceiling drywall down without moving out their furniture first? What is going on here??" Then I read your entry and thought, "WHOAH! I'm so glad Sweetpea went to change her laundry. THAT's CRAZY!!!!!"

Did your contractor friend have any explanation for what had happened? Is he concerned about any of the other ceilings?

What's the story with your landlady at this point?
Why can't fundy just grab some nails and put it back up? " )
yeah fundy, what's the problem???

Contractor friends have no idea---one did think the nails used in the sheetrock looked a little to small....the ceiling work was probably done about 40 years ago. There was no sign of anything wrong--no cracks, no sound, no dripping or water of any kind....one theory we have is this--we are extremely close to love field airport--every morning there are a couple of takeoffs that cause the slightest vibration in our apt.....maybe 40 years of this could cause the ceiling to fall...

Meeting with landlady (and my dad) in about 30 minutes....M. really couldn't leave school--it's only the second week and not the time to dump lessons on a sub....I'm going to ask her about another unit--we're not committing to anything today--we might just move. -sigh-
kels---our friend was concerned about one of our bedrooms--when he pushed on the ceiling, the heads of the nails punched through the paint---the sheetrock was obviously hanging off the wood an inch or two.....
please tell me you are sleeping somewhere else!
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