Wednesday, August 16, 2006


This is my unpacking self-portrait. (Will also post on the art blog)

We're back from Australia, back from California and finally moved in to our new apartment in Charlestown. (A Boston neighborhood) Whew. I'm exhausted, but happy. Here are some great things about our new apartment:

1. We're in a super cute little neighborhood with trees and families and nice places to eat within walking distance.
2. It's QUIET!!!! (We lived in a 30 story building and outside the window you could hear street noise and huge industrial air conditioners all day long...)
3. New apartment is bigger!!! (850 sq. ft as opposed to 450)
4. I have a gas stove.
5. I bought a new IKEA couch and gave away my old slouchy (terribly uncomfortable) futon. Hasta la vista, baby!!

I feel like I finally have a grown-up apartment!!!

I'm behind in commenting and posting, but I'm hoping to catch up this week.

I'm so excited for you!!! hasta la vista, dorm room!
which couch??
Which couch did I buy? IKEA Mysinge Loveseat with 1 armrest and a Mysinge seating unit. Mollebo Grey-Brown.

I bought it from a man who bought it two months ago and then changed his mind...I got a great deal!!!

I'll post a photo soon of my new living room. I'm so proud of its non-dormroomness. ahhh...
YEA!!!! It is so much fun to move somewhere new (especially when you get to move into a space that twice as big as where you came from).

I can't wait to see pictures of the finished product!
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