Saturday, August 26, 2006

My plants make me happy.

I am so impressed. Almost every plant I've ever had has died. I have the black thumb of death. The only two plants out of many (trust me...very many) that have survived were my two rose bushes. One was a Mr.Lincoln and the other was a Tournament of Roses bush. They were lovely. They did well until I got pregnant with Aidan. Then, they survived, but barely. I had to leave them in NC. They don't grow as well in this "zone" of the country. Very sad. I especially loved my Mr. Lincoln. It had roses that were so hot pink that they were almost red.

Your plants look very healthy and happy to be your plants. YEA for your very obvious green thumb!
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Sweetpea- I can't find your email so I am communicating this way. Would you know why blogger won't open the dashboard for me? I've been trying to do my art post, but it keeps sending me to the 'create my blog' page. Then I click on 'already a blogger' sign-in and it sends me in this big loop, but never to the dashboard! AAAAh. Can you tell this is driving me crazy????
I have conquered the dashboard!!!
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