Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Assignment 1

I think for our first assignment we should do something familiar and accessible. So our first theme will be: FLOWER .

So get out your camera, brushes, carving tools, knitting needles, your kids crayons and make some art!!

I'm in. When's the due date? :)
and do we submit to you? via email? post on our own blog? etc. etc... i'm excited - i've needed a lil push lately to step outside the routine!
Let's say starting Aug 27th until the 31st people can post their works. Then right after Labor Day we will have our second assignment.
I think Sweetpea and I will discuss creating another blog to post our works on. We will get back to everyone on what to do their works.
you (or I) could set up another template and send invites to those who might like to particpate--like the recipe blog. Of course, they wouldn't be required to participate in every single assignment, just the ones they had time for, etc. But they would be on the contributors' list, so they could post whenever they wanted.
I love the idea!!
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