Monday, July 17, 2006


Where are my partners in crime? In New York with their mothers, meeting Ann Curry? Out swimming in the California sun? Dreaming of a sweet little one sleeping in a Chinese crib? Packing for Australia?

I am setting some artistic goals for myself--to continue working on some images I have in my head and turn them into woodcuts. Rent a booth at the urban craft bazaar and try to sell some stuff. The hardest part will be managing my new free time well rather than piddling it away on trifling sorts of tasks.

The sun filters through the blinds onto our wooden floor. Glows like copper.

I'm here in California nursing a back injury. (Isn't 30 great!!)

I painted a mural on a ceiling in June. It took 3, 6 hour sessions of me bent over backwards standing on a ladder. On the last day I was tired and ready to be done so instead of making several trips to the car I stongman styled my crate to the car. In the crate was all my supplies including 5 nearly full quart size cans of paint. A week or so later I developed tingling in my foot and a few days later tingling in my arms and sometimes face. I also have some sore places in my back.

I am seeing a chiropractor who is using Active Release Technique on me. It is sort of like deep tissue massage, but without the massage. When I saw her last week the tingling had gone away except in my ankle. After the appt I developed more tingling in my arm, neck and face. It actually seems to be lessening today.

Back injuries are not fun.

PS We did go to Chinatown on Saturday in the City and I bought Mei an outfit. So cute. Pale green silk with butterflies, sweet...
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wow. lizard!! i'm so sorry. hope you feel better soon.
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