Monday, July 17, 2006

WG goes AWOL (or Why WG is Neglecting her Blogger Friends.)

I'm here!!! (So sorry to hear about your injury Lizard!!)

I don't know where my summer has gone, but I've basically been SUPER DUPER busy since the first of June and I've had more visitors this summer than ever before. (That's a good thing, but also keeps me super busy.)

I'll post some photos of me and my mom and aunt in New York before I leave for Australia on Sunday, but I'm guessing you won't hear from me much until late August. I'll be in California after we get back from Australia and after California we move to a new apartment! Eeek!

I'll rest in the winter.

So where in California will you be?? HMMM??
We'll be in L.A. for my brother-in-law's wedding. I wish you lived closer to our family in So. Cal...would be so easy to visit you at least once a year.
Can't you blog from Australia?????hmmmmm?>???
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