Saturday, July 22, 2006

Trying out some templates....What think ye, ladies? Or actually, what think ye, Lizard, since WG is on a plane to Australia....

I like this template alot. Have fun playing...
I think this one is the best right now...i tried a bunch of others, but though they seem like they're going to look great, there's always something weird-like the text is crowded looking,etc. this one was much more readable. i've changed some of the colors of the template and will probably keep playing around with it...
I like the colors at the top. I looked at red clay. Her pen and inks are amazing. I've been looking for some art for Mei's room. She motivated me to draw!!
she sells them on at great prices....she has a link on her blog.
WOW!!! I really like it. It's very FUN!
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