Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Slow Summer Days.

The move is done! Things are 3/4 put away. What a painful process for me. Ordering is my greatest weakness. We should have internet access pretty soon. Missing all my blog friends.

The Texas sun is bearing down. Our circa 1947 apt. /water chill AC is not quite doing the cooling job it should. Our afternoons find us moving slowly about, fans blowing full speed, the western sun beating down into our little place. I think of earlier Texans, living thru these summers without AC of any sort. Porches were a necessity. Mint juleps, anyone?

Where to and why did you move Pooter?
yes, yes, I too am curious.

Also, sorry I have been out of touch on the blog. I have been experiencing some "technical difficulties" (stupid updates! Half the time they don't improve things, they just cause the most random glitches!) AHHRRGGG!!!

But, we are now back up and running and glad to be able to see you guys again.
just across town. close to where we both used to live....much cheaper place...much much closer to the upper school campus where M. will be working. :)
kellsey--i've missed you on the blog....hey. i met a friend of yours at l'abri. :)
Yeah, Becky told me that she ran into you. She was having one of those strange experiences where she had been thinking of me, then she ran into a mutual friend of ours from school and they reminisced about Beck's freshman year when me and some roommates mentored her and some other freshmen (we were seniors at the time), then I emailed her (which I hadn't done in a while), and then she met you.

She told me she felt like she kept running into me everywhere! ;-)

Small world...teeny teeny teeny.
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