Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Making Art with Sweetpea[s]

Sweetpea has inspired me to suggest an idea to all of you. As a stay-at-home mom homeschooling two kids and teaching art classes I rarely have the opportunity to do my own work. But I respond well to a challenge.

What if each month a theme was set such as trees, children, birds, foods, landscape, etc and everyone had one month to create a piece on the topic? The works could be lino cuts, drawings, photographs, moulded works in tofu, knitting, still life, popsicle sticks - anything! We could then post our works at the end of the month.

Art makes me very social. I miss sitting in the printshop at Baylor cutting woodcuts and chatting it up with Sweetpea and the others in the room!

I miss that, too. It kinda makes me sad. :(

But what a great idea!!! I love it. You take the lead, Lizard.

Also, I think that if any of our readers are more *writers* than visual artists, they could write a little story, or a poem.
Yes,that is a great idea!
I want everyone to feel like they can contribute however they wish. I will think about some topics and will post a theme for August.
If anyone has some ideas-let me know.

Perhaps this should be a separate blog like Sweetpea Cooks! It could be Making Art with Sweetpea. We are a franchise!!
I think that might be a good idea--to have separate blog so we can streamline a little.
art projects are always fun.

And, on a completely different note:

RANDOM event! Sweetpea, I was in Dallas last week because I could get a much cheaper flight out of DFW than Austin. My husband and I put our son down for the night and decided to go out for dinner (don't worry, our son had a babysitter while we were out). We promptly arrived at the local "Corner Bakery" and who should we sit next to but Sweetpea's parents!!!! What a crazy thing! I couldn't believe it. I don't think I have seen them since either my wedding or maybe even high school graduation (My memory is a bit spotty about this). Anyways, it was a joy and a treat to run into them.

Your mom told me that I looked exactly the same as I did in high school. Which means of course that I still get carded all the time even though I am in my 30's! Some day i will be grateful for this.

Anyways, I was sorry that I did not have the good fortune to run into you, Sweetpea, but seeing your parents was a lovely second.
I heard about this, Kellsey! Imagine my surprise, when AFTER my mom told me this, I checked my new email account to find an invitation to come out and see you guys that same evening!!! I was so disappointed! Of course we had nothing going on and could totally have come. Maybe next time.

On a different note, please tell Macon that due to his rec on Katy's blog, I am currently reading "the diamond age" and I LOVE it. :) it rocks.
Oooh, ooh, can I play in the art fun, too? Writerly/knitterly art?
come play, come play... : )
Sweetpea - I just reread "The Diamond Age" after listing it on Katy's blog. Write if you want to discuss!
I'm so glad you are enjoying it! :-)

What, do you not think I'm lurking here at your blog, too?
macon--you can lurk here anytime!!
hey chicks..
can i play too??
:o) k xx
kate--yes!!! please!!!! i just need your email address to send you an invite. or you could participate on your blog, if you prefer. but we'd love to have on ours! :)
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