Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hello from the Land Down Unda

Hello friends! I just wanted to say a quick hello from Cairns, Queensland. We're nearing the end of our trip, but we've had a blast and I'll be sad to put my shoes back on and go home.

I hadn't been out of the US in 10 years, so this trip has been good fun for me on lots of different levels. I have "loads" of photos to show you, but that will have to wait until I get back to the states. We're currently "hiring" a computer to check our email, but don't have daily access to the internet. I thought that would make me "mad", but it turns out I don't miss it much.

We've got one last day in Cairns and then a day in Sydney before we return home. The driving on the other side of the road is harder to get used to than I thought. We've come close to getting hit by a car several times because we look the wrong way before stepping out onto the street. If we survive the next couple of days I'll post some photos soon from home in Boston.


P.S. Your woodcut is BEAUTIFUL, Sweetpea and I love the themed art project idea!!

oh.....I can't wait to hear all about your favorite parts!!!!!!!--i've nearly been killed in London due to wrong-side of road was quite scary, with a british man cursing us after we pulled out right in front of him....because we looked the wrong way before we pulled out.
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