Saturday, July 15, 2006

A few more pictures from our trip.

The pictures are beautiful! It looks like you had a great time. W.G.-I love you hair short, it is adorable!

We have no A/C, so we spend in the summer with all the curtains closed coaxing a window unit to give us all she's got! It is supposed to be 94 degrees today. Yikes...

Does anyone else find the 'word verification' letters hilarious? They make almost words. I'm supposed to type in something that looks like 'gitabang' to Login.
um. Lizard. I think you've forgotten you're from Texas and are becoming a soft Californian. 94? I lived in Uptown Dallas with a window unit for two years. Try 104. ;) I'm just kiddin--I remember it was extremely warm in your place last summer. It's nice that it cools off in the evenings.

Re: word verification--i've seen some funny mock/joke blogger pages that make fun of it.
Sweetpea and Wedding Girl, I love the pics of you ladies and your handsome men. So fun, full of whimsy!
cool photos
looks like you had such fun.
love the black-and-white photo :o)
We're so cute!!!

And yes, word verification!!! Don't get me started. I'm thinking about posting about it if I have the time. It just reminds me of my byslexia...

I always have to enter them in 2 or 3 times!
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