Saturday, July 22, 2006

Behind the Veil.

I'm currently reading Reading Lolita in Tehran.

Anybody read it?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

I have read half of it. You could inspire me to start it again. It is a fascinating peek into the lives of women in a muslim culture. I think I dropped it to read The Kiterunner.
I'm really liking it. When the Professor talks to hear students of what literature is for, I hear echos of my husband...I love that the discussions with her students in a repressive country are the same ones all thinkers have--what is art? truth, beauty, not as propoganda, but having a life of its own, one we must enter and take on its own terms....I felt moved by the part where they put The Great Gatsby on trial...

I want to read The Kiterunner, too. I just couldn't find it at the library the other day!
Um, I meant "her" students.... ;)
I really liked it. I read it for a book club when I lived in Austin :o)

We liked the Kiterunner as well.
propAganda. what is my problem?
Hmmm..liked it at first but felt it was a little too preachy and/or dramatic for my taste. I'm very, very interested in Persian culture, but I'd prefer that Marjane Satrapi narrate all my forays into that subject...
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sarita--thanks for the link, and the comments. I haven't heard of her--I definitely could use some direction.

Honestly, I think I've chalked up the moments when Reading Lolita... gets flowery to the fact that the author IS persian. I guess I wondered if it's cultural. What do you think about that? It may not be fair.
No, I think that's totally fair. They have a more formalized way of telling than we do - like how speeches that are translated from [Mexican] Spanish sound so stilted; we Americans just don't have a language that works that way any more.

btw, my verification word is ZQVACE . sounds fancy.
I haven't finished it yet. . . I leant it to a Ukrainian friend who is married to a man from Tehran.

But I had started it right after I finished reading Lolita, and it made me want to read The Great Gatsby again. I think it's best read alongside the works that are discussed.

A similar, though very different book is "The Bookseller of Kabul." Highly recommended.
thank you for recommendation, tulip!
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