Tuesday, May 16, 2006


We're staying put. Husband applies for teaching positions all over, interviews all over, gets offers from all over, then my own little school pops up with a position just weeks ago. A position he's really excited about. So, we're staying.

Grieving not getting to move to the hill country a little.....But, lots to be thankful for--our families are nearby, we will remain in our dear school and church communities where we've put down roots. And though I often long for change and adventure, roots are good. Not to be taken lightly.

We stay. And Husband has already started studying what he will teach next year, before the ink on his master's diploma is dry. :)

I should call you and tell you this in person...but this makes me happy. Adventure is good. Having a friend in the hill country is good. But having Sweetpea 10 minutes away is the best. Love you.
thanks, sweetie pie! love you, too.
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