Thursday, May 11, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy.

So I'm thinking the much-hyped "marriage posts" will be a bit anticlimactic when I finally get to them. I haven't forgotten. I'm extremely busy with teaching and doing my business and being a wife and the both of us trying to make decisions about where we will be next year. We've made a decision, finally, and I'll let you know about it, soon, when it's official. Oh, and Husband finished his last final of graduate school this week and today started work at the bookstore to tide us over. And there's five years of classroom paraphernalia to sort and pack, 180 restless children to manage and teach, exams to prepare, give, and grade, inservice and.........

Boston, we'll be there soon................

Sounds busy, Sweetpea. I hope that you're getting some good sleep somewhere in there.

I continue to be amazed at you for teaching children. You're awesome! Way to go, and I hope that it all draws to a close quickly for you so you can go and enjoy vacation!
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