Monday, April 24, 2006


Tonight at twilight I walked out onto the porch of Noah's Ark, our house on a hill, for a few outdoor evening moments. I stood on the porch looking out at the grey-purple clouds set against a dark grey-blue sky. Our pink streetlight shone dimly and crickets chirped as the breeze lifted the hair on my forehead. Movement on the sidewalk caught my eye. I leaned over the railing and could just make out two toads, sitting squatty about a foot apart on the concrete. I am very fond of toads. So I gingerly tiptoed down the porch stairs and sat cross-legged behind them on the sidewalk. All three of us sat in silence, facing the street down below, listening to the crickets and feeling the breeze, basking in the pink of the streetlight.

What a beautiful moment! The kind you want to drink in so that you will always remember it in your mind...
Sweetpea, the moment and the writing that described it are both beautiful! I can see why you won the English award in high school. I remember Dr. Brunson describing your writing and what a pleasure it was to read anything that you wrote.

Thanks for sharing.
I wish I had a picture of you sitting with Toads. ; )
Yeah, I also have to agree with Lizard...
...Next time you sit with toads, please take a photo.
I love the way you write :o)
Thanks guys!
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