Friday, April 28, 2006

Someone needs to see this other than me.

When I have the kids lined up waiting in the hallway, we play "Quiet and Still." This keeps them from disturbing kids in the classrooms nearby. Lately, there's been this "strike a pose" trend in the game. They stand frozen like this for, I don't know, 20 seconds?

They are deadly serious about their poses, and were unaware I was taking a picture....

Pictures like this make me thing, "What in the world am I getting myself into???" =)
HA! (both to the picture and to lindsay's comment).

I am amazed at the keen balance evidenced by these young men. I am even more impressed that you were able to get the picture without them knowing.
found ya via mountain mama, i love it how kids' games evolve.. so much creativity here...
thanks for stopping by, kate!

i feel like i could write a whole sociological thesis on kid's games...
Oh, how I miss covenant kids!
we had such a funny one on the way down the mountain the other day.. D16 and R12 practically *carried* S8 (who was feigning unconsciousness) all the way down, saying things like, "watch out for the submarine bullets!" etc, and stopping periodically to squeeze S8's lips open and pour in life-giving water... i just observed, but was trying so hard to get my sorry butt *down* the slippery slope still in a vertical position that i missed some fab photo opp's..
oh i LOVE that uncluttered imagination.
This is great.
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