Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Shiny Happy Me.

Today is DAY 47 of Operation Healthy Me.

It's truly amazing how much better I'm feeling. I won't go into all the fabulous details here, but just know, integrative MD's are onto something. I can testify.

And I haven't had any sugar--except accidentally a few times....("Wow! This jello is SO GOOD!")

That's great sweetpea!!! Jello probably does taste really good after no sugar! ; )
I'm not very good at cutting back on sugar. I accidentally have a scoop of ice cream several times a week...

I'm so happy you're feeling better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's all or nothing for me. It's MUCH easier for me to eat absolutely none, than to "cut back." It's amazing how easy it is to say no to sugar when my blood sugar is really stable, like it is now. If I started back on sugar, it would start shooting up and down, making me crave sugar more and more. :P
wow j! i am impressed! maybe i will try a no sugar diet sometime!!!!!! so you really have more energy? that is sooooo great!

can't wait for you to meet gracen!
Oh so ShabbyChic's identity is revealed!! Send more pictures of Gracen-I'm drooling! We received our first docs back today with the Chinese authentication form on top and its all in Chinese. My husband says we are probably declaring our allegiance to the Communist Party!
so exciting, liz!!
shabby--i know no-sugar has given me more energy, but it's prob. mostly because of the thyroid i'm taking.
YEA! That's fantastic! I am so glad that you are feeling much better. I have been thinking about the amount of sugar I intake these days and I am just about to conclude that it needs to be less....I think i'll have to start with my sugary drinks. I think, though, that cutting down instead of cutting completely out may have to be my mode of choice.

mainly, this is because I cannot imagine my life without a special treat from Starbucks from time to time...
That's so wonderful, sweetpea!
Are you allowed to have things like fruit? I could maybe do it then. I've been trying to cut back a little on sugar, because I am a Sugar Queen! My goal at the grocery store the other day was to replace my sugar-heavy Countrytime Lemonade mix with something sugar-free or with Splenda. (I drink almost a gallon of lemonade every day lately!) Unfortunately, they all seemed to contain aspertame (sp?) which is a pregnancy no-no. So I've just cut my lemonade mix to water ratio in half to try to make some kind of dent!
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