Monday, April 10, 2006

Nonchalant no longer.

So, this blog has not traditionally been too "heavy." I'm a pretty intense person, but I intentionally created this blog to be mostly about "lighter" topics, like teaching children, funny stories, stuff I like, etc. With the addition of WG and Lizard, the pleasure's been increased as we're all posting our thoughts and staying in touch thru the blog. Please see my husband's blog for more intense topics. ;)

But I feel fired up right now. So forgive me if I change the blog's tone too drastically--but sometimes you need to shout stuff out. I've been confronted lately with personal statements, blog entries, books, stuff in the media, etc. about the institution of marriage--what it is, what it's for.

So, soon I'll be writing about my marriage, and about my beliefs about marriage in general....probably in a few installations, so as not to be too overwhelming. I don't intend my upcoming posts to be dogmatic or argumentive, simply statements of belief. And I'm not expecting or needing approval. I just need to say it.

Sometimes you need to state what you believe. You know, like on NPR: "This I believe." :)

I know you said you weren't asking for approval...but I wanted to give it to you anyway. As a single person I desperately need to hear about marriage, from the inside. So I'm excited to read whatever you are going to say.
Girlfriend, as one of my former studentd used to say, "get your shout on".
thank you. i think i WILL get my shout on....
It's your blog, girl, go for it! I look forward to getting to know you better through your statements!
Sweetpea-maybe you need to remember your talks with Jared H. That will get you fired up! Bring it on....
i can handle intense. =)
I like intense, too.

Everytime NPR does "This I believe" I feel the urge to log onto their website and talk about the Nicene Creed... but I know I wouldn't get chosen!
Kristen--I know. I find "This I Believe" incredibly thought-provoking. But sometimes the statements sort of break my heart.

Lizard--You KNOW I'm so cool under pressure. *as my face reddens*
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