Thursday, April 20, 2006

Newsflash: WG's Husband Honored

Okay, I keep waiting to see if Wedding Girl's going to mention it, but I guess she's too modest. Since she won't toot her husband's horn, I'm going to do it....

WG's husband, Stephen, has won the Glen Murcutt Scholarship for architecture. This is really big news! Here's how it works: only ONE student is selected from EACH of the top architecture schools, and Stephen was the ONE student chosen from MIT!!! This means he'll spend time in Australia this summer studying with really important architects. Here's the link:

All I can say is, Wedding Girl better be taking some darn good pics of the land down under this summer, and they better be posted on this blog..... ;)

oh, i'm sorry. yes, i was feeling a little shy about posting it on the blog, but we're SUPER DUPER excited about it and i can't believe that i get to go, too!!! i'm so proud of him.
thanks, sweetpea.
you're welcome. i'm excited, too.
YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We aren't really surprised. ; ) That is amazing! That's it. I'm not even going to dream of a house until Stephen can design us one!
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