Thursday, April 27, 2006

magical ligers.

So in chapel everyday, there's this time where the children can raise their hands and announce their "news." Typical announcement are "I lost a tooth" or "We're going on a field trip" or "Our team won our soccer game." Yesterday, one small boy raised his hand and was called on by our director.

--"Yes, E? What do you have to share?"

--"There's such thing as a liger."

--"A what?"

--"A liger. There's really such a thing."

--"A what? What did he say?" This went on for awhile.

This is the same child who last year kept raising his hand and telling the school there was an "intruder cat" in his family's yard. Emily and I looked forward to hearing the latest on the "intruder cat" each day.

Ha Ha!!
so sweet!
by the way, what is a "liger"?
okay, i've assumed that everyone has seen 'Napoleon Dynamite.'

A liger is a cross between a tiger and a lion.
So good to hear from you! What a fun surprise! Now I can read your blog and entertain myself :-)
Katy--GREAT to hear from you. :) Welcome.
A Liger is a cross between a tiger and a lion....bred for its skills in magic.
Stop it, WG.

Hi Katy!
Yes, I am one of the very few who have not actually seen Napoleon Dynamite, but I have been told by MANY that I absolutely need to see it. It is on my short list.

Thanks for filling me in, and I'd like to send out a great big Texas "Howdy" to Katy!
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