Friday, March 17, 2006

Lizard's World: Meet my Sam

I thought I would introduce my boys to you. Today I will tell you about Sam. Sam is 5 and he has a language delay. To be exact he has a auditory processing delay which means it takes his brain longer to process what he hears, therefore it is taking him longer to develop his language skills. He has been in various forms of language therapy for 2.5 years. On top of this he has had elements of sensory integration disorder and he has a lethal tree nut allergy!

Life has not been simple for Sam. He has known alot of frustration unable to communicate his thoughts and fears of eating the wrong thing.

Despite his challenges Sam is incredibly sensitive and sweet. He has the heart of a little lion. But my favorite thing about Sam could possibly be his beautiful green eyes.
This is a picture of Sam at my sister's wedding with my parent's adopted daughter Destiny.

Sam is also a budding photographer. The first image he took on a trip to the Dallas Zoo. The second he took of his brother at the San Francisco Zoo. These images make me smile.

I just loooove that you posted some of his photos! Such a dear child.
Oh, I love a budding photographer!!! Sweet Sam. His eyes ARE beautiful.
Great eyes, and a sweet shot. You must have a pretty cool family for your parents to have an adopted daughter that young. ?

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