Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Here is a portrait I did of Gracen, Leah's baby. She and her husband will leave any day now! to pick up sweet Gracen in Taiwan.

hey, there's my girl!!! :) I truly love this jana......what a treasure to have!!!!!

miss you friend!
hey--you just changed your sidebar didn't you???!!!!

it changed before my eyes!

just checked out michael's blog...very interesting....:)
How do you capture the nose so well? I always have trouble capturing the nose!

Also, on a completely unrelated note: how is it going with Operation Healthy You?
This is unbelieveable. Do you feel inspired to do a cute little boy with barely any teeth and glasses? or perhaps his bossy big sister????
laura--of course!!!

shabby--it honestly looks better in real life....i just want to use it at the art auction at school, then I'll send it to you. :0)

Kells--noses are tricksy.
operation healthy me is going fairly well. i'm doing great on the no sugar thing, the no refined flour thing is a lot more difficult when i'm working full time and sharing a car with very busy hubby.....but we're trying!!!!
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