Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Brilliant Idea.

Okay. Several of you have expressed that it'd be fun to have a recipe exchange. I, for one, desperately want/need to gain confidence in the kitchen. Since some of us live in Texas, some us in VA, some of us in CA, and some of us in MA, etc., I think I'll start a group blog just for recipe posting--and link it to this one, of course. We can post our favorite recipes for one another!

I'll have exactly two to contribute. :)

If you want to be on the blogging team, leave a comment on this post, and I'll send you the blogger invite. If I don't have your email already, email me at thefundiesATpeoplepc.com.
Also, what do you think we should call the new foodie blog??

Woo-hoo for recipe exchanges. Count me in!
Seriously count me in...as for the name, I'll leave that to you creative types.
"Sweetpea Cooks!" and count me in!! Is anyone else a crockpotter? (sounds like a drug addiction...i'm talking about the crock pot, though.)
Count me in Pooter! I have some I can share!
yay!!!!! WG, we have a crockpot and need some good recipes.

I'm gettin' out my little index cards, ready to take notes!
Oh, I have a fabulous Pork Loin crock pot recipe that involves onions, potatoes, carrots and other yummy items. I just discovered it and LOVE it. I like the crockpot. I've got a good red beans and rice and sausage recipe, too (for the crockpot).
I'm in!
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