Tuesday, March 28, 2006


So you're probably not that surprised to learn that I'm a "messy desk" sort of person. I very rarely lose things, however.....

I LOVE it!!! I used to always tell my mom that I knew exactly where everything was, even if it didn't look like that could be possible. I usually could find anything I was looking for, but there were those times...the dark times...when I could not and had to admit to my mom that it might help if I kept things a little more straight.

She was very patient with me...

Anyways, I love the cluttered desk. It looks lived in.
And you have your coffee and water bottle. What else do you need?
That's the sweetpea I love!
kellsey, yes, I have the dark times, too. One of the most recent began with me losing the opener to our free-standing garage, and will end with a hole being cut through the siding and wall on order to get it open. *sigh*
WOW...(stunned amazement). That was a dark time. Did you ever find the garage door opener? You know, like on the day you cut the hole in the wall, did the opener turn out to be on top of a pile?

I only ask because that is what would happen to me. For example, my junior year in college I was preparing to go to Ukraine for the summer and I could not find my passport. I looked EVERYWHERE!!! so, I had to rush to get a new one. Of course, the day I got my new passport in the mail (with an even worse photo than on my first passport), I find my old passport just sitting in a drawer in my desk. (A drawer I had looked through many many times when originally searching). As you say, *sigh*
I am a messy desk girl. My husband is a neat desk man. He cleans mine. Then I can never find anything. Ah, well.
kellsey--this dark time is still in progress--but I know that as soon as they cut a big hole in the garage, the opener will be found in clear view on the table....

also, I cannot imagine not being able to find my passport right before a trip. So stressful.
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