Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Operation Healthy Me..... full effect! Today is DAY 5 of my low glycemic, sugar-free, refined-flour-free, almost dairy free, but full of good protein, fruits and veggies lifestyle!

Wow! That's impressive! How do you feel?
um. i feel okay. i am so up and down. i look forward to feeling better in a week or so, when my blood sugar will probably have stabilized. it takes awhile. my prediction is that i won't feel really well until we get my thyroid dosage optimized, which will take awhile.

mostly i feel very determined, [read: i've hit rock bottom,] so i'm being really strict with myself. i know there will be times when it's a lot harder to eat this way, mentally and because of external circumstances, so i'm diving in right now. i've always suspected a dairy sensitivity, so that's really an experiment to see how my body reacts.
Sweetpea, way to go! This is HARD work, and I am super impressed. I hope that this makes a difference for you.

My brother-in-law is slowing figuring out his thyroid dosage, and while it is taking some time, it seems to be making a difference.
I'm trying to cut out sugar in my diet because for me it triggers headaches/migranes, but sometimes it's really hard and then I pay for it later! I'm super impressed by your lifestyle change.
well, it's only day 5!! :0) It really is difficult to eat this way. Talk about counter-cultural!

But I am sick of feeling bad and I'd sort of like to have kids one day, so I'm really going to try to keep this up.

I'm basically following South Beach guidelines--I think it's a great way to eat.
That thyroid is a tricky little thing, isn't it? My mom took forever to get her dosages right, but it made a huge difference for her.
lindsay--yes, it's really complex. I'm glad to hear it helped your's encouraging.
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