Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New York Fashion Week

Fall Fashion 2006

This is fashion week in NYC. I was looking through some of the designers and found this wonderful toboggan hat from Marc Jacobs's fall collection. I love it! Is it just me? (Remember photo of me in goofy hat in front of the Golden Gate Bridge?) The third photo is of a dress by Luca Luca. I think it's fabulous.

That is one amazing hat. However, I find the crocheted dress in the bottom picture to be the most yummilicious of the items in the pics.

Thanks for sharing these. They're awesome.
Kellsey, I'm glad you agree on the dress. I'm not sure I could pull off that color, but I love the texture and the wrap/coat on top.

And the hat, well...It just looks like it'd be fun to wear around town and get lots of weird looks. I love hats.
I am absolutely sure I could NOT pull off that color. However, if it were a nice charcoal gray or maybe a deep wine color, then we'd be talking!

As far as hats go, it is rare that I will decide to wear one. One summer in college I had a couple of surgeries on my head and had to wear hats ALL the time. I came out of that not ever wanting to wear them again. Now, though, I am beginning to get over it. Even so, I still have a personal vendetta against all extremely large and floppy hats. For now, I am sticking with baseball caps and closefitting knit or polarfleece hats when it is cold outside.
it looks like you could stuff a couple of chihuahuas in the roll of that gi-normous hat.
so are you going to be wearing that thing when you and liz meet me at the airport this summer? how embarrassing.
dude, I can knit you that hat.
"embarrassing!" oh, well, oh....

hee hee!!

seriously. i love that hat. is there something wrong with me?
sarah, you'll need some of those jumbo skeins to make the whole hat.

seems like it could double as a bag/purse. i'd want an ipod pocket in it.
and imagine the needles!
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