Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's the little things....

  1. If you're game, I'd like to start my own meme:

    List 5 Little Things That Bring You Satisfaction or Pleasure.

    Here are mine:

    1. Turning on all my lamps after dark.
    2. Lifting my sleeping 3.5 lb.chihuahua's warm limp body and snuggling with her on my shoulder.
    3. Laying the newly-washed, fluffy bathroom mat on the tile in the bathroom.
    4. Watching my herbs spread across the garden/ petting the lamb's ear.
    5. Holding M.'s hand, and getting a big smack on the cheek from him.

    Can you tell I'm very tactile?

    I'm tagging Wedding Girl, Kellsey, Kristen, and Laura, and Mia.

Thanks, Sweetpea!

1-getting lost in a good book
2-the feeling I get once I have finished cleaning the house, finished the laundry and the dishes...(which almost never happens as i hate the process of cleaning my house, etc)...anyways, it is a feeling of great accomplishment and freedom because now those things are no longer hanging over my head and I can do what I please, or I can let Aidan run around barefoot and not worry about the dirt in my house turning his feet black.
3-when Aidan laughs and laughs with me or when he climbs up on me when I'm laying on the ground and then presses his nose and forehead against mine
4-spooning with Macon
5-the smell of Starbuck's (the store, not the coffee brand)
6- (because I just can't leave it out) good conversation with a friend over coffee/hot chocolate/hot tea.

(I would have listed turning on all my lamps when its dark, but you beat me to is such a lovely feeling, isn't it?)
1. waking up under my toasty down comforter (and next to stephen) when it's super chilly outside.

2. the happy feeling you get when you make someone laugh.(especially stephen b/c he's so serious sometimes!)

3.getting your hair cut super short and then being surprised when you try to wash it and you use too much shampoo.

to be continued...

i have to go now, but i'll finish later!!
4. watching a photograph develop in the darkroom. (i don't do this much anymore...all digital.)

5. walking on fresh snow and hearing it crunch under your shoes. (this works best when you are wearing warm, waterproof shoes.)

6. eating one of my mom's freshly homemade tortillas!!!!!!!

7. smelling stephen's skin. (it's weird, i know, but i love the way his skin smells.

8. finishing a knitting project.

9. walking barefoot in the grass on a warm summer day. (warm, not hot.)

10. taking photos of/for people i care about.

and as the day goes on i keep thinking of more...i love this!
sweetpea, i also wanted to mention that i share your #3. i love putting a clean bathmat on the floor!!
1. The way oil pastels smell.
2. Admiring the Anthropologie catalogue.
Did it and tagged others, so hopefully we'll get your meme rocking the blog world soon ;o) I did try to strategically pick bloggers from different circles to answer for highest exposure...

I've always wanted to start a meme and am way too self-conscious, so I am living vicariously through yours.
Thanks Kristen! :) I enjoyed reading yours.
3. Eating a toasted piece of Seeduction bread from Whole Foods.
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