Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's a Blog World after all.

I must report something fun to you people! After conversing on this blog and a few "coincidental" web surfs, Kristen has reported that she has just randomly realized that she knows who Kellsey is--from IVF camp long ago (or maybe not so long ago :) ) when she was at UNC. And Kellsey's husband led a class she took there. Who knew?

"The Sweetpea[s] blog........bringing
people together who........sort of used
to know each other."

(That doesn't really work, does it?)

For Kellsey's benefit:
I randomly clicked on your blogger profile and saw you were on a big family blog. Didn't go read it. Then I was bouncing around other blogs on my blogroll and was reading Dr. Daniel Kirk's blog and realized his brother Alex was blogging, so I checked out Alex's blog. I looked on his sidebar and noticed a link to: the Stokes family blog and with her and her husband's names together, I realized "Oh, they were on IV staff in my region when I was at UNC!" If it hadn't all happened in a span of 15-20 minutes, it never would have occured to me. Now, how I ended up here in the sweetpea[s] blog community... I can't really remember. I think Jana started reading our blog at some point. Jana?
Yes, I stumbled on your blog when I was blog-surfing. I can't remember what I was using as a search...I think it was classical eduation, or breast-feeding, or something. :) And I realized I had a lot in common with Kristen, whose name I can now spell properly. :)
WOW! That is just way too small world. CRAZY and fun. It's like two great tastes that taste great together. I am going to assume that, Kristen, you have since graduated from UNC and have little ones running around your feet at home? Congrats! where are you now?

Macon, by the way, is doing well. We have moved to Austin, TX, and he is doing a completely different job now. however, we did just have the regional and area directors for InterVarsity over for lunch today. They have just finished a weekend conference where 5 people came to know Jesus for the first time. They were very excited (YEA!!!!!!).

Anyways, on a completely different note:

The gdiapers arrived today. TODAY...didn't I order them like yesterday (or maybe the day before?) That was SOOOO fast! And, they are SO cute. Aidan is sleeping right now, but I am looking forward to when he wakes up so we can try these guys out. Also, I really like the diaper cover part, and may try to use them with my prefolds regardless of whether I ever buy any more gdiapers or not.

My only question at this point is:

do they really expect me to hang this "swish stick" on a suction cup on the wall? won't it drip nasty poo stuff on the floor?

of course, i have no better option in mind. what would YOU do with the swish stick inbetween swishes?

And, on another note, I have been looking at fuzziBunz online and can't tell you how tempting they are...almost tempting enough to make me want to quit using the diaper service and wash out my own poo (or Aidan's Poo).
I think the swish stick should have it's own special container that can be cleaned with bleach and/or tossed periodically. Like a pasta tupperware without the lid, maybe?
Okay, people, I have officially used the gdiaper. WOW. That is awesome. Just awesome. The marketing is great, the packaging is phenomenal, and the ease of use was truly unbelievable. I loved having the velcro on the back. For the first time in months I was able to let Aidan run around in his diaper without him pulling the velcro tabs apart and undoing the cover. He was SUCH a cute boy in his bright green diaper cover. Also, the gatherings on the leg openings were FANTASTIC!! Best fit for a diaper cover yet.

I also want to say that I have a low-flow toilet (arg!) and even so, it was not a problem to flush the "flushable". I wound up putting the suction cup on the side of the toilet, that way the swish stick drips into the toilet brush holder. I figure that the toilet brush is already nasty, so what's a little more nasty on top?

Having said that, Linds, i think you have a great idea about the special container that is periodically cleaned out with bleach.

If you don't want to do cloth, but you're interested in doing something better than Pampers/huggies/luvs/etc for the environment, I HIGHLY recommend checking these babies out. It's $25 including the shipping for the "starter kit" with two covers, four liners, 10 flushables, and of course, the swish stick with it's fabulous suction cup.

Even if I do cloth for baby number 2 (and, no, we're not pregnant), I may use the gdiapers for the first 4 to 6 months when it's all breast milk all the time because then the poo is SO liquidy and these would be great for that.

Any questions? fun facts i did not cover that you want to know? ;-)
Just to make sure I communicated clearly,

I was always referring to "you in general" whenever I said "you" in my last comment. I was not aiming at anyone in particular (except when I named Lindsay by name to give her props for the container/bleach idea).
Yes, I graduated from UNC, spent a year in Austin teaching at City School, had our first daughter at St. Mary's in July 2004 and just had #2 recently. We live in Virginia now. I really miss our old barrio (Riverside Dr. area, within walking distance of City School) and lots of Austin things. In the spring you must go have a Casey's New Orlean's Snowball for me!

Washing your own diapers is SO easy. You should totally do it! I just dump everything in for a cold rinse, then wash on hot, and throw in the dryer. I use a diaper sprayer (google/froogle if you haven't seen one) for toddler bms beforehand, but the infant diapers just go straight in. I didn't know they even had a service in Austin, I swear they didn't in summer 2004...
You're right about the service. It used to just be in San Antonio and has recently expanded into Austin. Lucky for me! =-)

we live on the edge of Travis Heights, and today I spent some significant time on Riverside. Very fun that you l ived there!

I have not heard of a diaper sprayer, so thanks for the link-hint on that.
cool dipes, kells! And, your two great tastes made me laugh.
Thanks, Kellsey, for the diaper feedback!!! It's exciting that the gdiapers are working well for you!!!

I'm so excited about it and I'm not pregnant and don't have children yet!!
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