Friday, January 06, 2006

Wedding Girl's Family Time...

This photo was taken by my youngest brother (17yrs old) while we were in Vermont this week snowboarding. Taken at Mt. Snow in Willmington, VT. I'm very excited about his recent interest in photography.

I just wanted to say that I haven't disappeared from this blog. I've taken almost 4 weeks off to be with my family and I haven't always had access to the internet while away. Sweetpea has certainly done a good job of keeping us thinking and laughing, though. Thanks, sweetpea! I've been checking the site constantly so I wouldn't miss anything.

One thing I realized this holiday season is that photography is fun way for my family to spend time together. We get together every year for a family photo and it seems to get goofier every year. We sit around later and laugh at the photos. I love it! Also, with the accessibility of digital point & shoot cameras the snapshots and mini videos are a fun way to document our limited time together. (I live in Massachusetts, my family lives in Texas). Family snapshots are some of my favorite photos ever.

So, I'm curious. Does anyone else have yearly family photo times either done professionally or with personal cameras? And if you've made the switch to digital, do you print your pictures anymore? I love my mom's old photo albums, but now it's so easy to keep your photos on the computer. I'd like to say that I will be good about keeping physical photo albums once I have kids, but, we'll see...

My family is the sort that always brings a camera and forgets to take pictures.....

I love the photo that Marcos took!! Would you post the sibling portrait in the belt buckle? I love that!
Michael thinks that "Mount Snow" is a lame name for a mountain.
My family takes a family photo every year without fail. We usually have to put the camera on a countertop, a ladder, or if we're lucky, a tripod. But, every now and then we end up with someone else there who can take it for us.

My mother has a little flip book (somewhat like a rolodex) that has the christmas photo from every year in it. It is so much fun to start at the beginning and look at the hair changes over the years (and the fashion trends).
There is also a mountain in New England called Crotchet Mountain. Stephen calls it "Crotch Mountain." I like Mt.Snow better.
I love the rolodex of family snapshots idea! Changing fashion trends make for good laughs in my family, too. We noticed this year how huge our glasses used to be. It seems so ridiculous. How did we ever think those were cool? Magnifying our cheeks.
My sister and I were discussing this printed-pictures-of-kids issue. We decided it might be fun to have an album of just Christmas pictures (a la the Sewell's), and maybe one each for Easter and Halloween. Those seem to be the times the kiddos get dressed up for, anyway.
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