Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sweetpea Steps Out.

So, after about a year of making excuses, I'm finally pursuing portrait-drawing in a more serious way. Sweet Sarah, my designer friend, is going to help me design my business card and price list, and she and Wedding Girl have advised me on the pricing itself--"That's not enough! You need to charge more!" I'm sketching a few things to build up some examples for my portfolio, and have a couple of prospects in the works.

W.G. and I talked last nite about how producing art for someone else is extremely personal--whether it be a painting, a wedding photo, or a straightforward pencil portrait. Which is one of the reasons I've been dancing around it for awhile now. But I'm working up my courage and I'm getting excited!

that is so exciting! Granted, i haven't seen any of your work since high school, but even then I was blown away by your talent and hard work. I think this is a fabulous idea, and as far as it being personal, yeah, it seems like that would be true. however, I think that with your sensitivity, intuition and intelligence that that will not get in the way.
Thanks for the encouragement, kells. :)
SP, You are so talented that the world needs you to be doing this. It might be consider a crime against humanity to keep your talent just for those you teach...okay maybe I'm being a bit dramatic. But really it does need to be out there because it is lovely, and you are lovely.
That's great! And plus, I've always loved business cards.
hannah, you're nuts. thanks.

mimi. yes. business cards!!! when michael got his for tutoring, i was a little bit jealous. :)
And you can draw stuffed elk and owls so well!!

Seriously, I love your drawings. You're really amazing...
You are just the best and I could kick myself for not getting you to do one for me before you knew you were worth it! You go girl!!
thanks guys!! i feel encouraged!! :)
WG--as long as the children i'm drawing don't start looking like ALF.........
I'm the expert in drawing Alf and other non-existent creatures. You just stick to beautiful children.
I just figure out who "W.G." was. I kept wondering who this strange initialed man in your life might be.
the only man in my life is MVF :)
Great! Can't wait to see those prices!
On a totally unrelated note, sweetpea, I thought you'd be glad to know that I have recently obtained lynn's email address:

That's all Michal could find.

Hope today was lovely.
thank you very much, kellsey!!
W.G. is her personal ninja.
ha. way to bring it back to the ninja post. :)
have i told you how excited I am about this????!!!!!


can hardly wait to see my baby girl!!!!!
(in person and in portrait!!!!) :)
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