Monday, January 09, 2006

The map's back.

So I thought I'd bring up that whole map thing again. Don't be mad. It just makes me so HAPPY. So map yourselves, shy persons. :)

And also, friends from high school--has anyone heard from Lynn lately?

I have not, but perhaps Michal has? I could email her and ask if you'd like. By the way, speaking of Michal, did you know that she is due with Baby Grace on January 27th? I believe that Connor is 4 or 5 and Graham is 3.
Nope, I haven't seen Lynn since the reunion a year and a half ago. Her name came up at Bunny's baby shower, but I don't know that anyone had seen her.
How fun that Michal is having a baby girl now!
that is so wonderful about michal....amazing!!! :) makes me smile.

i recently heard from rebekah queal stotts that she's living in town....that would great if you could ask michal. lynn has been on my mind since i heard she was here.
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i'm kinda sorry i missed the reunion. i didn't know about it till the WEEK before, and i was getting married right around then. it was a bit too much. ;)
Yes, well, I, too, missed the reunion. I was so sad i could not go, but I had already committed to attending Macon's cousin's wedding in Tampa, FL. Their family is very close, so it was not really an option not to go. I spent some time online looking through all the pictures that Bunny had posted. It looked like fun. Too bad I couldn't somehow have been at both things.

Oh, well...
Anyways, i have emailed michal and will let you know what I find out.
Sweetpea, I was just thinking some more about that wedding I attended in Florida and thought that you would enjoy the theme of their reception.

They had a Mad Hatter's tea party reception. The cake was a bunch of brightly colored hats all piled on top of each other (that Audrey designed herself..she had to shop around before finding a baker who was willing to try to make it). It was fantastic! And, everyone was told ahead of time to bring a silly crazy hat. If you showed up without one, they provided you with one. Very fun!
how creative! my best friend (wedding girl on this blog) is a wedding photographer and she has actually photographed an outdoor wedding at halloween where are the attendees were in costumes. it was actually kind of out there, IMO. :) you wouldn't believe the variety of weddings she shoots--some so elegant, some so funny and strange that we end up in tears while looking at the photos. :)

re: the reunion--there were pictures!!!? i wish i could see those. i guess it's too late, or are they still online?
i love the crazy hat wedding idea! i'd love to shoot a wedding like that!! i love hats!!!
I don't know if the pictures are there anymore or not. To be honest, it was kind of saddening to peruse them. So many of our classmates looked so tired and like life had chewed them up and spit them back out again. There were several people who looked very healthy and alive, but, man, there were at least a few who looked ten years older than anybody else.

I'll see if I can google them or find them in some other way. I'll let you know if I do.

Also, Michal says that Lynn has been in Dallas for the last 1.5 to 2 years. She was working at the Polo Store in Highland Park (I am assuming that means Highland Park Village). Michal said she had received Christmas cards from her for the last couple of years. I asked her if she has Lynn's contact info and I'll let you know if she writes back that she does.

P.S. wedding girl, just so you can picture it: the bride was wearing a pale pink pirate's hat lined with bright fuschia feathers around the edges of the brim. The groom was wearing a gigantic crown--it looked like something out of an old Disney movie. It had the little gold crown around the bottom and the big red velvet sphere rising up out of it with some kind of cross or something on the very top. They are some of the most funky people I know. Both of them are lawyers. Who would have expected it? =-)
thanks, kellsey!!
I was glad to go to the reunion, although I would have felt more comfy with Kells there. The best event was Friday night at the Rough Riders baseball game. Everyone had their families (cutest kids? Homer Adams), and it was nice and relaxed. Kevin Joseph married one of my sorority sisters - I was so confused about where I knew her from. I was sad that Greg Noland and I don't have anything in common anymore. I didn't even recognize Matt Heininger. And Kellsey's right - some people just looked sad, and that was a little heart-breaking.
Saturday, I could have skipped. There was lunch/tour at TCA and then an event down at Jeroboam. It was too expensive for just finger food (we were expecting dinner), and I was pretty self-conscious. Bryan knew Tiffany Chastain's husband from Arthur Andersen, which put us in a strange place, since we barely know each other and our husbands were all buddy-buddy. The whole evening was just kind of ackward.

I guess I'm just more of a baseball game kind of girl.
yeah, i said i KINDA wished i could've gone....:) events like that can be kinda weird....
--see "gross pointe blank"--
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