Monday, January 09, 2006

First Grade Memory Pictures: Matisse's _Woman with Exotic Plant_

Okay, so I'm talkin' 'bout memory pictures again. Every so often, after completing a picture study, I have the students draw the picture from memory. This is something I've incorporated just this year, duh, and it's truly amazing how much more they retain....their final exams, where they NARRATE a picture from memory, were noticably better than in past years.....Anyway, here are few examples from first graders--six year olds!! Okay, okay, I admit, that because they're SIX YEARS OLD I flashed the print at them a couple of times while they were drawing....but not bad, huh? Testimony to the Picture Study Method a la Charlotte Mason.

I tried to choose two drawings that are at opposite ends of the fine-motor skills spectrum. :)

hey...i know them....sweet, sweet students......i bet you love teaching the 1st graders....:) what a sweet class!
i LOVE them. they are hilarious.
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