Monday, December 12, 2005


NObody in my family photographs well.

Like father, like son. Luf, Michael
everyone please notice the chi's new green cord. coat.....he's practically hairless, so he was awfully grateful.....our little metrosexual chihuahua.
Speaking of dog clothes, there are some really cute dog sweaters at Make right now. Maybe not for my 70 lb. dog, but maybe for your tiny one!
That confirms it--I really need to get down to that place! I actually bought our OTHER chihuahua a dog sweater at anthropologie last week. But lest you think i am completely grotesque, please know it was on sale for 10.00.
They both look like they have been smoking that how Michael makes it through his studies.
Yes, Hannah, he smokes crack during finals. Gizmo smokes pot, however. It helps him stop shaking.
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