Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I am socks.

You Are Socks!
Cozy and warm... but easily lost.You make a good puppet.
What Crappy Christmas Gift Are You?


Something is not working with the link you posted. Whenever I click on it, it tells me that it cannot find the page requested. Which is really sad, because I really want to know what crappy christmas present I am.

that is SO sad. i want to know what crappy christmas present you are, too. i will look into it. :)
Well, I couldn't get the link to work, but I copied and pasted in the address and that did work. Anyways, I, too, am socks. What fun to share that with you!
Maybe everyone is socks? I am too. Or maybe we have more in common than we thought!
ha. who knew we were all socks. sorry about the link, guys. i don't know why it isn't working.
-sigh- man, you try to be cool on your blog.....
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