Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Today a second-grade student described Rembrandt's face in this self-portrait as "rainbowy and like wood." If you could see the detail in the face of this painting, which unfortunately you probably can't, you would see that his adjectives are surprisingly appropriate. Up close, the face is almost impressionistic, with obvious brush strokes in golds, pinks, even blues and greys....and the brushstrokes are in a pattern that really does recall a "wood grain" texture. I'd just never thought of it that way!

I think the Explorer teachers at my school should post comments they hear from their kindergarten students during picture study time. I bet you guys hear some priceless observations. :)

All of my art students are in sunday school together and a few weeks ago, their teacher mentioned to them how well they were all coloring. Nicholas my oldest student at 6 said," Of course, we take art all the time!"
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