Thursday, November 17, 2005

old prof.

.....and for those of you who went to school with me, I found this drawing of Berry Klingman's on the CIVA website! Flashbacks....drawing I, drawing II, Intaglio I, Intaglio II, Serigraphy (sp), Woodcut, Figure Drawing. I spent alot of time with this man, and he taught me alot!

I always loved his solvent bottle landscapes.
I can't believe you found that! I was a member of CIVA a long time ago. I had an etching Klingman gave me as a wedding present of his solvent bottles, but it was stolen during one of our moves. So sad.
personally i liked his still lifes with the deoderant shaped form in them. ;) i didn't know that had been stolen, liz. so sad!!
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