Monday, November 28, 2005


Survey of Sixth Grade A Class:

Favorite Artists:

Van Gogh-4
Leonardo da Vinci-1
The other two students: "I can't think of any artists." Wow, I'm so proud.

Favorite Project in Lower School Art:

Coil Pots
Pencil Self-Portraits
Clay Fish
Glue and Chalk Self-Portraits
Accordian Books

What were your most memorable art projects when you were young?

Jana, this has absolutely nothing to do with your post, but I wanted to tell you that tonite I made your mother's "Beef & Noodles" Recipe. She gave it to me over 7 years ago at my wedding shower. I've just taken it out of the oven, and after it cools a bit, we're going to dig in. It smells great! I have never made it before, but I was recently going through recipes and thought this looked tasty (and so did Macon...he specifically requested it).

By the way, my favorite lower school art project was getting to paint a mallard duck. In the 8th grade, one of my favorite art projects was using the scratchboard (I think that's what you called it), and also using glue to design an image that you eventually rolled ink over to make a print. I still have that project matted and shrink wrapped.
kellsey--hope the beef and noodles was good....i can't believe you've been married for 7 years! michael and i are closing in on 18 months. :) anyway, i should have asked at the end of the post---"What were your most memorable art projects in school?" it's always very fun for me to know this...and helpful! thanks for sharing.
Jana, the beef and noodles was very good. It was spicier than I expected, but very very tasty. Macon especially enjoyed it. He likes anything that is spicy, and I don't often cook spicy stuff. I am thinking it was the Rotel that did it, but then it could have been the mexicorn...regardless, it was yummy. Be sure to thank your mom for the recipe next time you see her.
Oh, and as far as art projects that I've ever done that I really loved, I would have to say that I find some things tied. I can't decide if I liked learning how to weld for my sculpture class best or if I liked the whole etching process best. They were both awesome.
I don't remember doing art projects when I was young. I always entered drawing contests in elementary school, but for the life of me I don't remember going to an art class. But I've always loved collages, torn paper projects and simple ink or charcoal drawings.
I remember doing a print process where we'd draw really hard with crayons on contruction paper and then iron the print onto another piece of paper. That was really exciting to me - the pictures looked much more dramatic and interesting as prints. Ooh, and pinch pots - mine was a turtle/paperclip holder. -Smushing clay around and then making it into something (theroetically) permanent and useful - THAT is exciting.
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