Thursday, October 06, 2005

Summer is finally over.

My friends, we've finally had a coldfront worth something. It is actually in the LOW SIXTIES today, which might not sound like much, but after an unusually hot September with several over-100 days, we all feel chilled! Today I made my nature study kids write about the coldfront in their nature journals. Actually, I made them do this outside at the picnic tables so they could feel the weather as they wrote. You would have thought they had icicles hanging from their noses. One sixth-grader began his journal, "We walked out into the biting cold. . . " I had to laugh.

Speaking of nature study, the lower school directer of our school, our curriculum coordinator, and one teacher are in Fredericksburg today at Ambleside School, a purely Charlotte Mason school based on the original Ambleside in England. I look forward to hearing about their experiences there. is the school's website.

The drawing above is a sketch of Charlotte Mason I found online.

Low sixies! Wow. That IS chilly. Not biting, but definitely chilly. =) It's all relative, tho. I start to complain about heat here in Boston when it's in the low 80s forgetting my Texas days in the 100s. And after a super cold winter week here in Boston (i'm talking 8 degrees) a 60 degree day makes you want to put a bathing suit on and lay out in the sun. Which is exactly what people do here every spring. The first sunny day it reaches at least 50 degrees there are people in bathing suits lining the Charles River. I think they're absolutely crazy. But that's just me.
Ok. maybe I exaggerated a bit. It's more like 55-60 degrees before the bikinis go on. But still, that's cold!
She looks exactly like how I pictured her in my head-like a wonderful teacher I had in the 3rd grade.
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