Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Garden Update

I realize a PHOTO of our garden would be infinitely more helpful than just reading about it.
-sigh- I'm going to ask for a digital camera for Christmas. Anyhow, our wildflower bed is germinating, for which I'm very thankful. We let last year's wildflowers go to seed and shook the dead plants over the bed, hoping the seeds would fall. In theory, this works, but I'd never done it before and was hoping we wouldn't end up with an empty bed in the spring! So some of the plants are germinating, and will survive the winter and take off in the spring! (Others won't germinate until spring itself.)Last year our wildflower bed was incredible; I hope the same happens this spring. Once again, perhaps I will be able to show you a VISUAL.

The lettuce and spinach, etc., we planted haven't come up yet. I am concerned the kids planted the seeds too deep. I guess we'll see....if they fail to come up, it's a great learning experience for the students--"what happens when we don't follow planting directions Mrs. F. is giving us."

no lettuce yet huh??? oops...is everyone else's lettuce coming up??? Oh....how I miss those days to plant the seeds, get a little dirty, and watch the excitement of the little ones planting "their" seeds. :)
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