Friday, October 28, 2005

End of the Week Collapse.

(Above Photo: My Students on Friday Afternoons)

I heard recently that those who become teachers are generally extroverts. Perhaps this is why I do a faceplant in the entryway of my home each day after work....cause, honey, I ain't an extrovert. Especially on Fridays (such as today.) After a week's worth of overseeing picture studies, projects, and cleanup with 200 kids, I can barely complete a coherent sentence, I'm calling students by the wrong names every time I turn around, and I generally just have no more words. I am sucked dry.

This doesn't gel well with my student's Friday afternoon "dance party in the artroom!"mentality.....I love their spirit and life, I just can't keep up sometimes.

Today in nature study we took a short walk to a tree that's currently dropping "helicopter" type seeds....We learned those types of seeds are called "keys." I think the tree was some sort of maple, but none of us could find the exact type in any our tree ID books. The weather was heavenly for a nature walk--about 70 degrees and sunny. We then painted a leaf and seed from our unidentified maple.

I am on an ongoing mission to reorganize the artroom.

Off to the weekend,


So, what I need to know is this: did the kids draw the faces on themselves before the picture, or did those nifty glasses and facial hairs show up via a sharpy once the picture was printed?
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