Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Fall Gardens.

In the next few weeks the fifth and sixth grades will plant our fall gardens. Here's what we're planting:

From seed:

alyssum (to decorate the borders of our raised bed)


decorative cabbage (for the borders)
various herbs

It's awfully easy for me to idealize the planting process....all the children enraptured by nature, kneeling and planting this adorable garden. In reality, planting day tends to create a mob mentality, with kids asking if they can go play on the swings. (sigh) Actually, it's not that bad, just not the cozy Charlotte Mason picture I have in my head. Last week I had all the kids design a garden diagram in their nature books. This year's group really took to the idea and did some really beautiful designs! I was proud of them. So we'll see how it goes once we venture outside.

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