Thursday, August 18, 2005

time is running out!!

i am sitting at my desk at school. the morning has been taken up with laminating images, organizing recently received art supplies, fretting about WHICH projects i am actually going to do with the many ideas, so few decision-making skills. my mind is muddled and the ADD has definitely kicked in. notice the lack of capitalization. i just can't expend the mental energy to capitalize.

oh, giotto, you look little anxious, too. i can't decide whether to start with YOU or the greeks. chronologically, i should obviously teach the greeks first. but the students don't study greek history till next semester, and i'd like to make our art class discussion/project concurrent with their history/literature study. okay, greeks, next semester. i'll just explain the chronology to the students.

giotto, you're going to be first! aren't you excited? you don't LOOK excited.

I think Giotto just got out of the car after driving from Point Reyes to San Fran. Kinda whoozy....
His friends must've been talking about brie...
thanks for making me laugh Jana! :)
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