Wednesday, August 31, 2005

One of these days...

. . . I'm going to have a perfectly planned, beautifully organized lesson plan book.

. . . I will always be told when the field trips are so I'm not left in the lurch with no class after
coming into school early to prepare materials.

. . . I won't leave artwork up too long in the hallways; it will consistently rotate.

. . . I will always keep perfect patience and a gentle, low voice when addressing the students.

. . . I will copy down every single date and deadline they tell us about in faculty meeting.
I won't ever lose or forget the myriad of info sheets I receive in my box.

. . . I will always have groceries for the week, bought on Sunday, eggs boiled, veggies washed
and cut. I will be a HEALTHY teacher!

...I will hang up my clothes when I take them off instead of throwing them on the bed/dresser/floor....

...I will file the growing pile of papers on my desk...

...I will send people's birthday gifts/cards on time instead of several weeks later...
i just wanted to clarify that the above comments are about me...not a passive-aggresive way of telling jana something. i realized today as i was doing something completely unrelated that i should make sure i cleared that up!!
ha. i knew what you meant. but it is funny now that you pointed it out. bossy, bossy.
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