Friday, August 12, 2005


Okay, Leah, I don't really understand the "tag" thing totally, but I like it! Here are my five idiosycracies, whittled down from...quite a few. My husband was only too happy to help.

1. I have a really intense "mirror face," of which I'm totally unaware until it's pointed out to me. I sort of purse my lips in a duck/kissing sort of position and kind of suck my cheeks in. It looks really stupid. Emily Boyd and my husband have seen the mirror face in its glory.

2. I talk to myself all the time, under my breath, even with my husband there. Often it's in the car, and what draws Michael's attention to it (and away from the road) is the accompanying facial grimaces. He looks over and realizes I'm having a conversation with myself. Usually we just start cracking up--looky, Jana's been caught again! But I'm mostly too embarrassed to share the actual conversation with him.

3. I also frequently talk in my sleep, and have since high school. Recent example:

Me: "Poor little things."
Husband (awake): "What things?"
Me: "Little birds."
Husband: "What birds?"
Me: (silence)

4. I am not afraid of most insects, or even snakes, but MOTHs totally freak me out. It's all that erratic flittering.

5. I am almost 30 and still write things on my hand to remember them.

Okay, I tag Mia, Roxana, and Lindsay. Go for it, girls!

Comments: about we start with just a few and then I can post them as they come to me.

1. I chew on the inside of my cheek even when I'm not nervous. It's gross, I know. I can't stop sometimes. (This also applies to picking at the skin on the side of my thumbs.) Stephen brings this to my attention.

2. I am constantly pulling my hair behind my right ear. Not so much the left ear and even when it's already tucked neatly behind my right ear I feel as if I need to go through the motions anyway. Ahh!

3. I play with my left earlobe when I'm having a conversation with someone and I'm a little nervous.

4. I talk with my hands. When I'm frustrated they really start flailing.

5. After I eat a large meal I get a sort of restless leg syndrome. I think this started when I was overweight and wanted to burn calories after eating too much...I do it unconsciously now, but I've been catching myself.

Wow. This is humbling...I know there are more...I'll see if Stephen has any and get back to you...
Also, I wanted to say that I love the "mirror face." I think I may have caught it in some of sweetpea's wedding day photos.
okay--i am envisioning the mirror face....and have no clue....gotta see that sometime! :)

thanks for playing along Jana.....

the talking in your sleep thing also cracked me up! Leah
I'm not sure I want the Dear Husband to weigh in on this!

1. I crack my knuckles (fingers, but primarily toes) to get comfy. I mostly do it without thinking, but if I start to think about it, I can't NOT crack them.

2. I have a routine for breakfast that should not be interrupted. Any changes to the norm are sure to leave me grumpy unless I've had advance warning to get used to the idea (like being out of town).

3. I fidget (wiggle feet, play with pens, etc.) in meetings/classes in order to pay attention. I do not need to fidget in order to pay attention in front of the TV. Hmm...this may have something to do with the relative entertainment value. =)
I was in a meeting today when a 50-year-old woman wrote a reminder to herself on her hand... It's ageless! ;)
I've been out of the internet loop for a week since moving to Atlanta, so it's taken me a while to get here!

Rox, I will say that I was unconsciously picking at my thumb skin as I started reading your posting. It's one of those things that I'm no longer interested in quitting. It just brings me too much joy.

Here we go:

1. I refuse to turn the car A/C on high. I just feel sorry for it having to work so hard in all that heat.

2. I always say "tell us all about it" to wailing babies. Sometimes I get self-conscious, like someone's gonna catch on that I am always saying this same thing. I just want the babies to know that they are free to express their emotions.

3. After I take a shower, I always dry my arms off first.

These are hard to think of.

4. I never, ever balance my checkbook. This has gotten into quite a bit of trouble in grad school, but think of all that saved time!

whew! I can't think of any more!
thanks for playing along everybody!! mia, i have never forgotten about your compassion for the AC.
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