Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The First Day of School!

One down, 174 to go! There's something really life-affirming about the first day of school--fresh beginnings, growth, new relationships, hope. Older children who've shot up over the summer. Tiny children who will grow inches in the next nine months...I felt choked up as I stood by the carpool door watching them leave today.

My Professional Motto for the Year:

Live each day FULLY. . . Savor the sweetness. And teach with your Whole Heart. (And, try to be a little more organized.)

Fifth and Sixth graders are starting "Mummy Miniatures," a small acrylic painting on paper of an Egyptian pharoah coffin. (Yes, I've changed my mind again and decided to do a few ancient art things before we move to Giotto--at least w/the older kids.) The finished paintings will be about 9" long by 3" wide and coffin shaped. I think we'll mount them on black matboard to add some drama. Should be fun! The kids always like having a reason to use the "tiny brushes." And I think there's something particularly interesting about making a miniature.

oh how I miss being, who all is on Carpool Duty this year???? who took station #2???????

miss you......
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