Friday, August 12, 2005

"Califooorniaaaaa...." --the OC

Ok, I hope those people in Northern CA know how lucky they are....recently got back from a trip to San Jose and surrounding areas....I had an incredible time! My college friend Liz lives there, so my friend Roxana and I met her there for a visit. She took us to Point Reyes, north of San Fran., where we stayed in a bnb. Gosh it was lovely there. Here are some thoughts/memories from my trip:

1. popping kelp on the beach
2. rox's salsa dancing demonstration, and liz's first thai food experience (mmm, peanut sauce!)
3. nearly vomiting on the side of the road outside s.f. due to carsickness
4. illegally picking a califonia poppy in state park
5. screaming fire alarm goes off in the middle of the nite--rox doesn't awake
6. buying Trinity-from-the-Matrix boots in Haight-Ashbury
7. buying used red Camper shoes in Haight-Ashbury
8. buying a tibetan scarf in Haight-Ashbury
9. buying a hippie patchwork purse in Haight-Ashbury

and the most amazing part,

10. actually wearing my fleece and a scarf in august!

Jana, So fun to find your blog!! Can you believe we are back in business next week?? See you then!
Liz, I thought about you tonight. Stephen and I went for Thai food. Mmm...peanut sauce.

Seriously, though, our Cali trip was awesome!!
I would just like to say that I have purchased Thai red curry sauce to make at homw. I am determined to be an eater of Thai food!
i am so proud of you, lizard. guess where m. and i are eating tonite? spring creek. read and weep.
You are making me cry.......Did you eat rolls???????
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