Friday, July 29, 2005

Portrait of a Lion

Lessons with S.: We had an amazing lesson yesterday--funny how sometimes the hour drags and I have to push her to keep working....yesterday the time flew as she sketched a lion's head onto a 24x24" canvas. We're looking at Matisse's fauvism and Franz Marc's blue horses and yellow cows. She is thrilled to be painting an animal in "crazy colors." We also looked at Rodrigue's blue dogs...She's sketched a Matisse-like floral/plant pattern in the background. With the large canvas she feels like "a real artist."

I love to paint on a large canvas. The kind you feel like you could step into or be swallowed by. Also, "crazy colors" are so liberating...

I always feel like a "real" artist when my hands (and clothes and face) get dirty with paint or charcoal. Sometimes I struggle as a digital photographer--it's so CLEAN!!
hey jana...where have you been? i miss your posts! i "tagged" the way....meaning if you want to play along you can make a list of 5 things, etc....check out my last blog entry if you are interested.....

hope to hear from you soon!
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